COLLECTive Concerns: Collage and Assemblage
Reni Gower COLLECTive Concerns: Collage and Assemblage
COLLECTive Concerns: Collage and Assemblage

Ongoing - 2024

Twelve artists explore collage and assemblage as a coping mechanism, siren call, or cautionary warning for collective concerns that impact culture.

Their “collections” are focused on environmental, emotional, and societal stressors; collective concerns that address climate change, covid, grief, identity, and politics.

Whimsical to macabre; refined to raw, poetic to strident; their intimate works pack a hefty punch that belie their small scale.

Assembled from discarded but highly curated materials, each artist presents a unique collection of works that speak to the challenges posed by unprecedented times.

2024 - Museum of Arts & Sciences, Macon, GA
2025 - University Art Gallery, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI
2026 - Phillips Museum of Art, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
2026 - Piedmont Art Museum, Martinsville, VA